Sports Medical Cover

From the beginning, the team at Arley Medical Services has been providing medical cover at a diverse range of sporting fixtures including Netball, Hockey, Rugby and American Football. As part of the torch relay in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games, we even provided first aid cover to the 1st Quidditch International Games.

We’ve provided services at local league games, BUCS (British University & College Sports) fixtures and UEFA International U17 football matches and understand that each sport has specific requirements. Our experienced crews will liaise with match officials & organisers on arrival to make sure that in the event of an injury, the casualty receives high quality and appropriate treatment whilst reducing the impact on play where feasible.

For individual games we can provide a single resource, as deemed appropriate by your sport’s governing body, or at larger fixtures we can provide multiple medical crews, vehicles and treatment centres.

Event first aid cover

Arley Medical Services prides itself on providing the best and most appropriate level of first aid cover...

Sports Medical Cover

Arley Medical Services has plenty of experience when it comes to sporting medical cover....

First Aid Training

We can provide you with first aid training at your place of work to ensure your company meets health needs...

Incident Scenarios

Using professional equipment we can create accident demonstrations or training scenarios

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