Event Medical Cover

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive event medical service from planning through to operation and post event reporting, allowing you to focus on managing and enjoying the event itself.

Arley Medical Services will ensure that your event has the best and most appropriate level of cover to keep everyone safe by basing our provision on past event data, robust risk assessments and Purple Guide recommendations. Whether it be a single first aider for a small gathering or a team of medical staff and full field hospital for a weekend festival, we always aim to reduce any potential impact on local NHS resources where possible.


Event Services

  • A&E Ambulances
  • 4×4 Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Cycle Response Units
  • Indoor First Aid/Treatment Centre
  • Outdoor (Heated) First Aid/Treatment Tent
  • Independent Radio Network



Event Personnel

  • First Aiders
  • First Responders (FPOSi)
  • IHCD Ambulance Technicians
  • HCPC Paramedics


Our clinicians use their diagnostic skills to assess patients on scene and where suitable will often be able to provide care and treatment on site negating the impact on local NHS services whether ambulance or hospitals. Our experience in the events industry means that we appreciate operating licences and venue regulations often require limiting the local impact of an event.

Therefore we will always build this into our medical plan, whilst ensuring, that casualties receive the best and most appropriate care.

We have built a highly successful team with the perfect mix of first aid, pre-hospital medicine & event management knowledge who are dedicated to providing the best quality care and working with your wider event team to keep everyone safe.

For outdoor events our modern Ambulance and 4×4 RRV fleet mean we can respond to any eventuality, whether it’s on a busy tarmacked showground or a rugged off road environment, we’ll be ready. We can also provide a fully self-sufficient field hospital treatment centre with its own independent power supply where required. For larger events we will also provide a dedicated ambulance control desk, handling radio communications, call logs and incident coordination, overseen by an Event Duty Officer who will have been trained in Major Incident Medical Management & Support.

We strive to provide a wholly reliable service for all our customers and unlike some larger voluntary organisations, Arley Medical Services will only commit to events that it can fully staff as agreed during planning with its clients.

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